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SexList is proud to be the first counter on the web to offer exit stats!
A highly requested feature, exit stats give webmasters a much better idea of how and where surfers are going when they leave their site.

You should use exit stats if you:

  • Are curious about what links surfers are clicking to leave your site.
  • Need to track clicks on your advertising banners and links.
  • Need to track clicks on any links that lead to sites you are trading traffic with.
  • Need accurate stats on how many clicks you send to any particular sites so that you can compare your numbers with theirs if you are involved in an ad or promotional campaign.

    There really isn't any reason not to use exit stats! They are extremely easy to set up, and provide the kind of traffic data previously available only to the largest pay sites.
    Like all SexList stats, exit stats are real-time, divided between raw and uniques, and can be displayed by day, week, month, or year.

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