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SexList is proud to be the first counter on the web to offer Link Swap stats!
Link Swap stats are a natural extension of SexList exit stats. Link Swap stats (also known as In & Out stats), allow webmasters engaged in link exchanges (link swap, traffic exchange) with other webmasters to view how much traffic each webmaster in the exchange has sent each other.

You should use Link Swap stats if you need to compare how much traffic you are sending to a site with how much that site sends to you. This is good information to have when you are starting a traffic exchange with a site but don't know how productive it will be.
When both sites in a traffic exchange can accurately track how much traffic they send and receive over time, they have the information available to make smart business decisions.
Link Swap data can help you decide whether to increase or decrease the amount of traffic you send to a site.
For example, if you know that a site is sending you good traffic, you will know to work closely with that site's webmaster now and in the future.

Understanding and managing traffic is a major factor in running a successful website, and Link Swap stats is just another piece of the traffic puzzle that Sexlist helps you put together.

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